The Hound of Baskervilles
Strand Magazine, 1901. 8 - 1902. 4

James Mortimer
Charles Baskerville
Hugo Baskerville
Henry Baskerville
Rodger Baskerville
James Desmond
John Clayton
Mr. & Mrs. Barrymore
Mr. & Miss. Stapleton
Laura Lyons
James Morland
G. Lestrade

"Interesting, though elementary," said he as he returned to his favourite corner of the settee.

I had observed some newspaper comment at the time, but I was exceedingly preoccupied by that little affair of the Vatican cameos, and in my anxiety to oblige the Pope I lost touch with several interesting English cases.

I have hitherto confined my investigations to this world. In a modest way I have combated evil, but to take on the Father of Evil himself would, perhaps, be too ambitious a task.

My eyes have been trained to examine faces and not their trimmings. It is the first quality of a criminal investigator that he should see through a disguise.

There are seventy-five perfumes, which it is very necessary that a criminal expert should be able to distinguish from each other, and cases have more than once within my own experience depended upon their prompt recognition.

I fear that you ask too much when you expect me to solve it. The past and the present are within the field of my inquiry, but what a man may do in the future is a hard question to answer.